9. bis 12. Juni 2022
Kunstuniversität Graz
Jazz Research in 21st Century

Panel — Women and Jazz in Europe

Paper 3 (Online Presentation)
Women and Jazz in Switzerland — "Female Jazz" and Record Labels
Author: Katharina Weißenbacher

Abstract: This paper is about the situation of female jazz musicians in Switzerland and is part of the book project "Women and Jazz". At the Music Academy in Zurich within the last 20 years the percentage of female jazz students (non-singers) has not changed, the rate of 12% has not been exceeded since then. The research project is mainly based on oral history and amongst others, interviews were led with the singer Marena Whitcher and the trumpet player Hilaria Kramer. Why are there so few women in jazz? How are they presented in the media in comparison to men? What is the role of record labels concerning this topic? These questions are discussed, and the paper shows the initial results of the research project. Furthermore, it gives an insight into the Swiss jazz scene and its development during the last few decades.

Biography: Katharina Weissenbacher is a cellist and jazz researcher based in Switzerland. Beside her work as a freelance musician and a cello teacher, she is involved in various research projects and has published a book about jazz in the GDR (Jazz unter Kontrolle des Systems: Die Entwicklung des Jazz in der DDR nach dem Mauerbau, Peter Lang 2019).

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